2 Days Before Trip 
The process which was needed to get into student exchange is certainly long, but now it's finally coming to an end and the flight date is closing in.

Few weeks before I got my visa and thought everything was going as planned, yeah. The same week's friday earthquakes hit and caused havoc in east coast of Japan.

After intensivily following news from Japan, I didn't cancel my trip to Japan. So, I will be boarding the plane on 31.3. about 9 am, with dosimeter in my bag.

I will be writing (rather randomly) to this blog about my life in Japan, and so on. I will use mostly english, but you might get to see some entries partly or entirely in Japanese or Finnish. I might upload some pictures too, if I get camera somewhere (I really should).

I hope you will enjoy reading. Feel free to comment.

Joo, ollaan yhteyksissä.

Heh, you should come with Thy and others if they can and want to come.

Thanks man ^^

Anne Lähdemäki 
Hyvältä kuulostaa,iskältä sain viestisi, että asuntolakin löytyi melko vaivatta. Olemme kuulolla.

Good luck with your travels, be sure to live the otaku dream by checking out Akihabara on your freetime. Comiket might also be an interesting event that could make many people jealous.

Hopefully ill be able to make a similar trip by myself there trough vacation or work.

Wish you the best of luck Asse! Hope all goes well...


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