Pictures uploaded at random places!  
I will be sending pictures and small entries from my mobile phone here! Please comment to latest blog entry and refer with the "name" of the picture, written above the picture. All times here are in Finnish time, add 6 hours to get time in Japan.


a view from the veranda window at the dormitory. This is a test, it's almost working!



Mayflower discussion 2011

The ESS event in Nara. I might send in some more pictures of Nara later.

2011-05-24 06:13:44 View from campus

Rather nice weather today, although it might rain later. Hmm,nothing else comes to mind now, laters!

2011-05-29 07:27:02 Misty mountain

Looks nice, doesn't it? Again a view from school.

2011-05-31 08:05:46 dry ice

you can get it when you buy something cold at local supermarket. literally cool.

2011-06-05 12:01:39 highway

Real highway up there. I don't know the details, but by the looks it seems great. ok, you have to pay a toll to drive there, but atleast it's great road, compared to finnish highways.

2011-06-11 10:20:12 One yen coins

Just guess how many?

2011-06-20 13:17:03 Old pic, a cookie

Cookie from Nara, rather dry and hard, but pretty tasty.