day 25: almost a month on the road 
Good day from Shikoku! I came here just yesterday, using Ferry from Saganoseki.

On day 22, I left Kumamoto and headed for Ooita. I stayed one night in tent.. and in the morning it started raining. I had no choice but to continue, and on day 23's evening, I reached Ooita tired and wet.

There I found really nice netcafe which gave free ticket to nearby onsen. Then, on day 24, I went to Saganoseki and took the ferry.

In Shikoku it is damn mountainous and my bicycle had some problems too. I'm bit afraid there something badly broken.. But then, it seemed to fix by itself. I hope it wont get stuck like that again.

Anyways, I reached my destination dead tired, and still partly wet.

I'm pretty sure the hotel staff wouldn't have been glad to see this setting

but i managed to get most of the stuff dry. Today it's little bit rainy.. But I think I can go onward few kilometers(especially because the netcafe here is not open 24h so I can't stay there..) to Oozu.from there, I will head to Kouchi, takes a day or two to reach there.

And last, some pictures!

First, the ropeway(which I didnt use) to the top of Unzen mountain.

Some local lemonade

That's where I came from to Unzen. Seems to be far..

open until 1 am.. and 3 minutes over

The local specialty in Kumamoto, Raw horse. Tasty it was

This is view from Aso city, famous for the views from the Mt. Aso.

This looks like those fly eating flowers..

And guess what this is? I give you a hint, it was called "Melody road"

Ok! see you next time! ^^

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