Boiling rice the Japanese way / Riisin keittäminen japanilaisittain 
Hello everyone, it's been a long time!

Sometime ago I did some experimenting with rice boiling, and researched some Japanese web pages and stuff. Then I tried to boil the Finnish "porridge rice" (puuroriisi) the Japanese way, and it turns out the results are quite close to the Japanese rice!

So, I decided to translate one recipe I found over the net. Here we go!

Boiling rice the Japanese way

First, the things you need:
  • Rice (it should be non-parboiled rice)
  • A pot with a lid
  • (A sieve)

And here are the steps according to this, using same numbering:
  1. put some water and rice into the pot. The amount of water is not yet critical, because the rice is just washed first. Use your hands to gently wash the rice. After the water becomes whitey, throw the water away. (you can just pour the water or use a sieve alternatively). Then repeat this step few times. The last time the water should still be somewhat white.
  2. Next, having the rice in the pot, add water again. This time, just leave it in the water for about 30 minutes. The rice should change it's color a little (see the rightmost picture of step 2. in source article) After time has passed, pour the water away and if you have a sieve, pour the rice in the sieve and shake it a little to drop the unnecessary water.
  3. This is the hardest part: you need to measure same volume of water as the volume of the rice. To do this, use a cup or something, and fill it with the rice. Do this as many times as necessary and count how many cups the rice takes. You can pour the rice back to the pot after measuring. Then, using the same cup, measure same amount of cups of water and pour it to the pot too. (again, see the pictures of this step in the original article). Make sure you flatten the surface of the poured rice, so that there is no hills or valleys.
  4. Close the lid and set the stove to half power. Remember to keep the lid closed all the time during this step. (If you're boiling more than 700 grams at once, use stronger power from the beginning ) Then wait until the water starts to boil. Let the water boil for about 2 minutes still with half power. Then drop the power to about 1/4 of full power and boil for about 3 minutes. Then drop the power once more and boil from 5 to 7 minutes.
  5. Take the lid of, and check the if the rice is still watery. If it is, put the lid back on and boil for 2 minutes using the low power. Then check again and repeat if necessary.
  6. When the rice is not watery anymore, turn the stove to full power for 10 seconds. After that turn the stove off and let the cooked rice steam for 10 minutes. Remember to keep the lid closed during this. You can use kitchen paper or clean cloth between the pot and the lid to prevent the condensated water from dropping back on the rice.
  7. Last, mix the rice somewhat using a large spoon or such. Then you're ready, meshiagare! (Japanese, meaning have a nice meal)

and then the same thing for my Finnish only readers:

Riisin keittäminen japanilaisittain

  • Puuroriisiä
  • Kannellinen kattila
  • (Siivilä)

Ohjeet on käännetty täältä: alkuperäinen ohje. Japania osaamattomille saattaa olla hyötyä ohjeen kuvista.
  1. Laita riisi kattilaan ja peitä se vedellä. Pese riisi huljuttelemalla ja puristelemalla sitä käsin, kunnes vesi on haalean valkoista. Kaada vesi pois (voit käyttää siivilää). Toista tämä muutaman kerran. Älä pese riisiä liian monta kertaa, että siihen jää myös ravinteita. Veden pitäisi tulla viimeiselläkin kerralla valkeaksi.
  2. Pidä riisi kattilassa ja peitä se uudelleen vedellä. Anna veden imeytyä noin 30 minuuttia. Riisin värin pitäisi muuttua hieman (katso alkuperäisen artikkelin 2. kohdan oikeanpuolimmaisin kuva). Imeytymisen jälkeen, kaada vesi pois. Jos siivilää, ravista riisiä hieman, jotta ylimääräinen vesi tippuu.
  3. Sitten vaikein askel: Riisin keittämiseen tulee käyttää vettä riisin tilavuuden verran. Mittaa riisin tilavuus käyttämällä lasia tai kuppia. Laske kuinka monta kertaa voit täyttää lasin riisillä piripintaan. Sitten kaada kattilaan samaa lasia käyttäen laskemasi lasimäärä vettä. Voit katsoa mallia alkuperäisen artikkelin kohdan 3. kuvista. Lopuksi tasoita riisin pinta kattilassa.
  4. Sulje kattilan kansi ja laita levy puolelle teholle. Muista pitää kansi suljettuna koko tämän vaiheen ajan. (Jos keität kerralla enemmän kuin 700 g riisiä, aloita tämä vaihe täydellä teholla) Odota kunnes vesi alkaa kiehua. Anna veden kiehua noin 2 minuuttia. Sitten teho pudotetaan noin 1/4 täydestä ja annetään olla noin 3 minuuttia. Lopuksi tehoa pudotetaan vielä pienemmäksi ja keitetään n. 5-7 minuuttia.
  5. Nyt voit ottaa kannen pois hetkeksi ja tarkistaa, onko riisi vielä vetistä. Mikäli on, sulje kansi uudelleen ja anna veden kiehua (haihtua) alimmalla teholla keittäen. Kahden minuutin kuluttua tarkista uudestaan. Toista kunnes riisi ei enää ole vetistä.
  6. Kun riisi ei enää ole vetistä, laita levy täydelle teholle noin 10 sekunniksi. Tämän jälkeen sulje levy ja anna riisin hautua kymmenisen minuuttia. Muista laittaa kansi kiinni tämän ajaksi. Voit laittaa keittiö paperin palan tai liinan kannen ja kattilan väliin estämään kanteen tiivistyneen veden tippumisen takaisin riisiin.
  7. Lopuksi sekoita (pöyhi) riisiä varovasti puulusikalla tai lastalla. Sitten oletkin valmis syömään!

Puuroriisi paketti:

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Back in Finland 
So, I'm back in Finland now, safe and sound.

Got loads of things to do here..

so I'll write a longer post later when I can!

see you!

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I'm back in Kobe! 
Sorry for the late update!

I arrived back in Kobe on day 34 and have been here for few days now, taking part in the club activities.

after I stayed in Wakayama, I headed to Osaka and when I was there, I felt I might go all the way to Kobe that night as well. And so I did.

Well, I'm safe and well and all that,

see you again!

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Day 8: part 2: day 6, 7 and 8: In Hiroshima and after 
Ok, Here goes.. First, few more views from the way on Hiroshima!

Mountain top highway

Perfect place for birdnest? the lamp before shop door, of course..

I finally made my way to Hiroshima. From the top of the mountain, it was all downhill. But anyways, I decided to take one days rest and go to a proper hotel too, since I wanted to take bath. Also it was raining on Friday, so I didn't want to go forward.

So on Friday, day 6, I just strolled Hiroshima and rested, and went to an okonomiyaki restaurant again.

It was a small place, and everyone was very nice to me! One guy paid for my food and drinks even. I had much fun there, talking about many many things. Thanks a lot, Doi-san, Masaoka-san, Miyamoto-san!

On day 7, I continued towards Kyuushuu. A bit before Miyajima, someone passed me by bicycle and said hi. I saw he had a lots of stuff too.. So in the next traffic lights I asked where he was coming from. He told me he quit his job 3 weeks ago and left Tohoku and was now going to Miyajima. We travelled together to Miyajima where he took the ferry and I continued forward. Thanks Ryou-san!

The rest is just some random sceneries and a local festival.

OK, That's all! See you again! ^^

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Back up... 
There were some problems with the server for almost a week, fault of the company I'm renting the server from, they didn't react to my mail until I sent them mail again today.

I'll maybe write more later! anyways, I've been terrible blogger, sorry!

You can expect something interesting in the coming few months I hope though!

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