Day 27: In Kouchi 

Hello again!

Today I reached Kouchi, after long trip from Oozu. I did something I wanted to do for long time, took a dip in the mountain river on the way.

It was really cold, and refreshing!

Next I went on and on, and the road just got smaller and there was only fields and old houses around; the real countryside! In the rice paddies, there was lots of small water lizards or something..

It started getting dark.. and then it was suddenly really dark. The road was small and steep, and there was lots of curves too. There werent anyone anywhere and I was getting ready to battle boar or whatever that might come from the mountain forests. Finally, I started seeing lights and reaches small town called Doi.

Then, I was thinking about going all the way to Kouchi... Until I saw lights on the riverbed.

I saw few tents there and thought, maybe it's an actual camping site. And it was. So I went down there and started setting up my tent. Although the moon was lighting up the night, someone came with a lamp and asked me to use it. Next, other guy came and asked if I have eaten yet, because they got some boar meat they were gooing to grill. Funny how I was thinking about battling boars and then I end up eating one...

I spent fun evening with everyone, and took this pic in the morning:

I packed up and said goodbyes, everyone waved when I looked down from the bridge.

Then some more pictures.

part of Children's day's festival

Castle in Kouchi

and castle in Oozu

Bye now!

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