Still no pictures, sorry! 
Okay, lot's of things have happened in this short period again.

I'll go it through partly:

The party on last friday was pretty nice (bonus: free dinner!). On saturday I went to Osaka, to vote in finnish election. I met few finnish people who had been living various times here. We had lunch together and talked about quite few things, it was fun.

On sunday, I went to a BBQ held by my roommates club (called ESS, English Studying Society), there was quite a lot of people. On monday,
I went to school to do few things.

Tuesday morning I thought a bit and realized that the courses start actually this week, even though I have to submit the registration until the end of april.. Oh well, missed just one class luckily.

Later that day, I got e-mail from Student affairs, that there is a student who is interested in student exchange at TUT, and if I could answer her/his questions. We promised to meet tomorrow and talk about it.

Today, my bank transfer apparently came to the bank, they called me and asked about it. They seem to be pretty careful. I think I will go there tomorrow to try to explain something like that I'm going to get a monthly pay from Finland + I might make more transfers personally.

Well, that's all for now folks. I'll try to be back later this week!


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