No I'm not going to start speaking Swedish.. But I met 2 Swedes taking same lessons I did, they had apparently come here in October and are going to leave in August. Nice to meet fellow scandinavians, they were also surprised to hear I'm from Finland.

Starting this weeks Friday, there is something called "Golden week". Basically it's 4 national holidays in streak combined with weekend so for many people it's 7 day holiday. But alas, next Monday is not a national holiday.. So I'm going to have one lesson. I have no plans yet, though I have to check out some places and go somewhere since it's such long holiday!

I might start uploading video entries (through Youtube) here also.. If I feel like it sometime.

That's all for now, till' next time!

PS. On this morning's lesson, teacher said you can buy 1 TB harddisk for 3000円 nowdays! I need to find out where, definitely not in Finland!

How about http://gojapan.about.com/od/ninja/tp/Ninja-Places.htm ? ;-)

Shiga- and/or Mie-prefectures do not seem to be that far away from Kobe (Wikipedia again). But of course accommodation and other problems remain, and the GW-rush really does not help.

Thanks! Actually I didn't know about those links yet. I had only discussed with some new friends about it, and now I'm trying to find some place with some kind of balance between interesting/"low enough cost" now :)

I went to Himeji on 16th this month, and the pictures I uploaded in last post are actually all taken there. It was quite on time because during the week following that Sunday, nearly all sakura stopped blooming.

The "GW" piqued my interest. The English Wikipedia has something about it, and especially some promising external links, like the http://gojapan.about.com/cs/japanesehol ... enweek.htm, which even tries to tell you where to go! :-) But you probably figured that out already? The problem seems to be that most everybody wants to go just there exactly between Showa-no-hi and Kodomo-no-hi.

Hope you find a creative solution (which takes the "missing" Monday into account) and keep on enjoying your stay in Japan!

PS. Was it Hanami already at the Himeji?


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