Day 3: Long way to go 
I've traveled approx. 190 km in two days now. Yesterday I made few mistakes in my route and lost few hours, plenty kilometers and great deal of strenght.

But thanks to losing my way, I found a famous okonomiyaki restaurant, Tamachan.

Then it started raining and I waited a while at the restaurant, and when the rain stopped it was already dark.. But I had no choice but continue my trip, since there was no place to stay nearby. Finally, I got to Okayama around 11 pm. Shower feels really good after 8 hours on a bicycle, I tell you.
So,let's have some pictures!
Leskenlehti kai?

Handbag mystery: I stopped at small forest to pick up some nice bamboo. In the forest, I found these bags, regular space between them.. They looked new, so I guess they were stolen and thrown a way?

Then, just some regular sceneries

That's all for now!


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