Day 2: On my way to Okayama 

So, yesterday I left Kobe for Kyuushuu by bicycle. I cycled yesterday only for 5 hours due to late departure around 1pm and getting lost two times. The first time I was helped by some hiker to get back to road. And the next I had to rely on my phone to download a map, because I couldn't find a waypost to Himeji.

In the end I arrived to Himeji at 10 pm and luckily found a cheap netcafe right away and spent my night there. I continued my trip this morning 7:30.

To be honest, my body is aching in various places. But I hope it goes away soon enough. I only feel it when stopping for a longer time and my body cools down.

I'm now doing some laundry at an automatic coin laundry, just put in clothes and money, very useful!

here some pictures I've taken so far.

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Day 3: Long way to go 
I've traveled approx. 190 km in two days now. Yesterday I made few mistakes in my route and lost few hours, plenty kilometers and great deal of strenght.

But thanks to losing my way, I found a famous okonomiyaki restaurant, Tamachan.

Then it started raining and I waited a while at the restaurant, and when the rain stopped it was already dark.. But I had no choice but continue my trip, since there was no place to stay nearby. Finally, I got to Okayama around 11 pm. Shower feels really good after 8 hours on a bicycle, I tell you.
So,let's have some pictures!
Leskenlehti kai?

Handbag mystery: I stopped at small forest to pick up some nice bamboo. In the forest, I found these bags, regular space between them.. They looked new, so I guess they were stolen and thrown a way?

Then, just some regular sceneries

That's all for now!

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Day 7: part 1, day 3, 4 and 5, towards Hiroshima 
Sorry for the delay! Really tired so no time to write~ but today is updateday!

First, some nice sakura.. On the way to Hiroshima

Then some stories, I guess?
Day 3, after somehow managing to reach Okayama on day 2, I was ready to move on. I thought I would take it easy and go to a place called "michi no eki" which means like "station of the road"There are quite many of them. My friend had told me you coul put up a tent in there(although i guess you can put your tent up anywhere.. Anyways, it was no good, but I found anothe good spot, put up the tent and slept badly because it was quite cold. The next day it was raining. I made a (bad) decision to continue anyways, and I was really wet. I went forward maybe 20 km that day.. The rest of the I was trying to dry myself. At this point I stayed one night in Fukuyama.

Finally, on the 5th day, I was able to reach Hiroshima. On the way I saw many things, like this abandoned hotel

It was like from Fallout(the game).
Then I saw some vending machines selling fresh vegetables and eggs and so on! Hi-tech farmers?

It was really mountainous on the way to Hiroshima.. The good thing about mountains is that after climbimg it, there's leisurous downhill waiting!

Ok, I guess that's all for those days.

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Day 8: part 2: day 6, 7 and 8: In Hiroshima and after 
Ok, Here goes.. First, few more views from the way on Hiroshima!

Mountain top highway

Perfect place for birdnest? the lamp before shop door, of course..

I finally made my way to Hiroshima. From the top of the mountain, it was all downhill. But anyways, I decided to take one days rest and go to a proper hotel too, since I wanted to take bath. Also it was raining on Friday, so I didn't want to go forward.

So on Friday, day 6, I just strolled Hiroshima and rested, and went to an okonomiyaki restaurant again.

It was a small place, and everyone was very nice to me! One guy paid for my food and drinks even. I had much fun there, talking about many many things. Thanks a lot, Doi-san, Masaoka-san, Miyamoto-san!

On day 7, I continued towards Kyuushuu. A bit before Miyajima, someone passed me by bicycle and said hi. I saw he had a lots of stuff too.. So in the next traffic lights I asked where he was coming from. He told me he quit his job 3 weeks ago and left Tohoku and was now going to Miyajima. We travelled together to Miyajima where he took the ferry and I continued forward. Thanks Ryou-san!

The rest is just some random sceneries and a local festival.

OK, That's all! See you again! ^^

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Had some problems! Please read the 2 latest entries again! 
Due to some problems, About half of the stuff was left out.. It's fixed now, enjoy!

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