I got it ready 

Hello everyone! today was my last exam(semiconductor electric engineering 2). Only one report to write and spring vacation starts!

Well, I didn't just study for the exams during past weeks, I did some other stuff too, for instance, I made this:

It was surprisingly simple!

One other thing is, I had found a necklace sometime ago.. and today I found one more! They probably ain't worth anything, but I'm still surprised. Here they are:

See you next time!^^

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First, last weekend's katana museum 

I went to a very small katana museum in osaka. It was actually home of person who makes "that finishing touch" to katanas, polishes them and so on. so let's get to the pictures!

stages of making the sword

different types of stones, all used for polishing

the guy at work

the sword he was working on, you can small bits of stone he is using now

once more the sword he was working on.

it apparently takes about two weeks to polish the katana. cool, isn't it?

ok, to the next update!

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waiting for the bus 

I have been playing around tokyo this week. Now Im jus looking out of the window at a cafe and watching people go by. and waiting for the bus, of course.

I will write a tokyo update later I think.. look forward to it!

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I visited Japanese television a bit ^^ 

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Tokyo update on the way 

Okay, I'm finally uploading some picture from tokyo!

I had some free time, and I wanted to go somewhere, and my friend told me to come to tokyo. So I went there! Hmm I'll just leave these pictures here..

This from Meiji Shrine.. It has great history! That I didn't learn about, haha^^

My hotel room!pretty nice, place called Sakura hotel

It was snowing in Tokyo. View outside of the hotel

Asakusa, Sensouji shrine. It's one of the most popular places to go if you're tourists.

Backyard of Ramen shop.

Shinjuku. those are three big screens. The quality is just bad.

And last picture from my friends apartment.

Okay, that's all, 'till next time!

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