Tokyo update on the way 

Okay, I'm finally uploading some picture from tokyo!

I had some free time, and I wanted to go somewhere, and my friend told me to come to tokyo. So I went there! Hmm I'll just leave these pictures here..

This from Meiji Shrine.. It has great history! That I didn't learn about, haha^^

My hotel room!pretty nice, place called Sakura hotel

It was snowing in Tokyo. View outside of the hotel

Asakusa, Sensouji shrine. It's one of the most popular places to go if you're tourists.

Backyard of Ramen shop.

Shinjuku. those are three big screens. The quality is just bad.

And last picture from my friends apartment.

Okay, that's all, 'till next time!

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A man and his bicycle.. 

So, in preparation for the future trip.. I decided to do a "practise round" and went to Kyoto by bicycle. around 70-80 km, took me about 6 hours(if I didn't lose the way in the end, maybe 5 hours) with average speed of 12 km/h.

So some pictures I took on the way...
Scenery from a bridge.

Peyton place! There's place with same name near my home in Tampere..

Kyoto 35 km.. "puolimatkan krouvi"

And last, some early cherry blossoms.

Till next time!

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se on kesa ny! 

tai kevat

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Nara once again 

My friend from Nara invited me to visit Nara with him and some other friends. We had a nice day, visiting museum, some historical sites, climbimg a small mountain and eating some local specialties.
So let's share some picture's!

Closest 4 people are my friends

The lunch we ate, some special rice with many side dishes.(friteerattua rypsia muunmuassa)

The table at the restaurant was actually from a Husqvarna sewing machine!

I showed how to make a pine cone cow.

Really weird tree

Eating famous pudding on top of a mountain

Cherry blossoms starting to bloom

see you next time!^^

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Day 2: On my way to Okayama 

So, yesterday I left Kobe for Kyuushuu by bicycle. I cycled yesterday only for 5 hours due to late departure around 1pm and getting lost two times. The first time I was helped by some hiker to get back to road. And the next I had to rely on my phone to download a map, because I couldn't find a waypost to Himeji.

In the end I arrived to Himeji at 10 pm and luckily found a cheap netcafe right away and spent my night there. I continued my trip this morning 7:30.

To be honest, my body is aching in various places. But I hope it goes away soon enough. I only feel it when stopping for a longer time and my body cools down.

I'm now doing some laundry at an automatic coin laundry, just put in clothes and money, very useful!

here some pictures I've taken so far.

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