Day after arrival 
After the long flight (about 18 hours if I remember right) I arrived to Japan 1.4.2011 about 8 am. From there I took train to Osaka, where I changed to train to Kobe.

The weather was sunny and the scenery I saw from train was nice. One thing that I found interesting was the small farming fields inbetween the houses and the little tractors used to plow them. That was well before Osaka though.

At the Osaka Station I was little bit lost (the place is a maze) but found my way to the Umeda Station and the part from which Hanshin trains took off.

After I got the dormitory, I had to wait a bit since it was lunch break. Then I had to pay for the rent and got the keys and such and someone to show me the right room. There is 4 rooms, common room with kitchen and bathroom in one unit. Everyone has their own WC though.
My roommates are 4th, 3rd and 1st year students, and they're all real nice people, helping and explaining things, like the trash system, filling in papers and such, to me.

I have to go and formally register to the school as soon as possible. Also I think I will be getting mobile phone and bank account during next week, hopefully.

Meanwhile I've been checking where to go to vote as the election is soon in Finland, and I thought I'd vote this time. I think I can do it somewhere in Osaka.

Today I will probably go shopping some things I need or forgot, like towel, LAN cable and so on.

It will probably take some time until I get some pictures here, sorry for that!

PS. It's surprisingly cold inside, I guess Japanese insulation isn't as good as Finnish ones. There is combined airconditioner/airheatpump at each room and common room though, so it helps.

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2 Days Before Trip 
The process which was needed to get into student exchange is certainly long, but now it's finally coming to an end and the flight date is closing in.

Few weeks before I got my visa and thought everything was going as planned, yeah. The same week's friday earthquakes hit and caused havoc in east coast of Japan.

After intensivily following news from Japan, I didn't cancel my trip to Japan. So, I will be boarding the plane on 31.3. about 9 am, with dosimeter in my bag.

I will be writing (rather randomly) to this blog about my life in Japan, and so on. I will use mostly english, but you might get to see some entries partly or entirely in Japanese or Finnish. I might upload some pictures too, if I get camera somewhere (I really should).

I hope you will enjoy reading. Feel free to comment.

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