Day 8: part 2: day 6, 7 and 8: In Hiroshima and after 
Ok, Here goes.. First, few more views from the way on Hiroshima!

Mountain top highway

Perfect place for birdnest? the lamp before shop door, of course..

I finally made my way to Hiroshima. From the top of the mountain, it was all downhill. But anyways, I decided to take one days rest and go to a proper hotel too, since I wanted to take bath. Also it was raining on Friday, so I didn't want to go forward.

So on Friday, day 6, I just strolled Hiroshima and rested, and went to an okonomiyaki restaurant again.

It was a small place, and everyone was very nice to me! One guy paid for my food and drinks even. I had much fun there, talking about many many things. Thanks a lot, Doi-san, Masaoka-san, Miyamoto-san!

On day 7, I continued towards Kyuushuu. A bit before Miyajima, someone passed me by bicycle and said hi. I saw he had a lots of stuff too.. So in the next traffic lights I asked where he was coming from. He told me he quit his job 3 weeks ago and left Tohoku and was now going to Miyajima. We travelled together to Miyajima where he took the ferry and I continued forward. Thanks Ryou-san!

The rest is just some random sceneries and a local festival.

OK, That's all! See you again! ^^

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Had some problems! Please read the 2 latest entries again! 
Due to some problems, About half of the stuff was left out.. It's fixed now, enjoy!

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Day 10: I'm in kyuushuu now 

Hi, I'm in coin laundry again.

On day 8, I travelled forward and reached Ube. Here's pictures I took on the way to Ube:

And this is the netcafe I stayed at Ube

On day 9 I went on and finally reached Shimonoseki, city where the passage to Kyuushuu is.I could see Kyuushuu on the way

Then, I found the tunnel. It costs 20 yens to go through by bicycle... kinda funny. Anyways, I went down by elevator, and saw this

The tunnel to Kyuushuu! In the middle, there was border of Fukuoka and Yamaguchi prefectures. So I took my first steps in Kyuushuu in the bottom of the sea...
Last two pictures from Kitakyuushuu. The sun was actually hot red but my camera sucks..

Now I'll continue to Fukuoka!

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day number "I don't remember now" 

I've been in Fukuoka for few days now.. I'll just leave these here for now:

Nice big hotel room for just 3200 yen:

Some "old weapons shop" window

Famous dish of Fukuoka: Motsunabe

Picture with the the customers and owner of the motsunabe restaurant, I'll tell you later more about it maybe

That's all now, See ya!

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Day 15: On my way to Kumamoto 

On day 13, I decided to stay one more night in Fukuoka, because my friend send me a message that we could go eat somewhere that evening. So we went and it was fun!

Then yesterday, I left Fukuoka. I first thought I would go Saga.. But then I thought that I could make it all the way to Kumamoto, about 100km or so. Well, I maybe could have managed.. But the weather wouldn't agree. The head wind was really strong and it was raining..

So, about 40km before Kumamoto, I went to a local supermarket, to change o some dry clothes and get something to eat. The shop owners(I guess)

were really nice, I got hot cancoffee for free, and they told me that if I wanted to go, there is an Onsen(hot spring) nearby,

which is open until morning.

I made my way to the Onsen

Bathed well and slept in the hall and used the massage chair a lot. Then 7:30 am, the cleaning started, and I went to the entrance to wait for the rain to stop. Here some pictures I took while waiting: a rabbit. There were a lot of them.

And just some scenery with the very low rain clouds..

The rain should stop around midday.. so about 3 hours to wait. See you!

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