Random pictures working! 

Check it out! and keep checking! When I don't have PC access, I will, from time to time, use my phone to upload small entries there!

See ya!

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Visiting 王子公園動物園 (oojikouen zoo) 
Sorry, it's been a while since last proper entry.

So, I offer you some pictures from a zoo I visited last week!

Lately I've been living just normal life, like going to university, studying and having fun with people I've met. Nothing special comes to my mind really, but if you wonder about anything, just ask.

and don't forget to check up the random pics. Eventually I will upgrade the system to allow me to write proper entries by my mobile phone, I hope it makes me write some more too.

So, without furtherado, the pictures:

It's a giant panda! Cool, eh?

Sealions or something.. relaxing, like every animal seemed to do. Must be hot for them.

Polar bear! It's got scary claws.

Lynx (ilves), the cat beast of north.

And some close relative to lynx, bobcat.

Lot of monkeys. They all jumped to the grid when someone came and sprinkled water to the flowers/grass.

Rhino! First time I remember seeing one in real life, it was quite amazing animal.

Emus, or something ostrich looking birds from Australia.

Kangaroos! The one in the middle looks like human.

Giraffe! It was trying to eat some leaves, but couldn't reach.. Although on the other side of the cage there was some leaves easily available. Guess the ones on this side tasted better.

Zebra, and someone reflected on a window looking she's near the Zebra.

Another species of panda! I didn't even know this is a panda too.

Llama. Looks real lazy.

Big turtle. Not giant I think, though.

Peacocks, white and colourful. They wouldn't open their feathers no matter what.

The coloured one bit closer, looking like it's going to open it's feathers, but didn't.

and the white one.

Elephant and it's poo. What else is there to say, I don't know.. Elephants sure are big.

Tiger! Wouldn't turn his face no matter how much people knocked on the window... Or maybe exactly for that reason he didn't turn.

Black panther. Looks cool.

That's all for now. Hope you had fun!

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I managed to get my system working! 

I can now write proper entries with as many pics as I want, from my mobile phone.

So here two interesting (or not) pictures:

First, nice job found for apple magazine...

And some men at work, no fear for high places.

I'm looking forward writing more entries as I can now do it more easily.

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It's been a while 

I'm sorry for the lack of updates in last few weeks.

A lot keeps happening, but I donpt know what to report here. So I'll tell just some random things.

My family is coming to Japan in August.

The exams are coming.. I have no idea how they'll turn out. Good I hope.

My rice cooker broke... I poured some water on it and it got inside somehow. I hope I can get new one for free or that it just starts working again.

I managed to finish my design&report, although I'm not sure about the quality.

That's all for now, laters!

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Reporting in 

Hello, currently I've got nothing very special for you.. only few pics from nearby mountain and some comments:

Raportoin tallaisesta nakoala vessasta! kopeista ei kylla nae pihalle.

sitten naita vuoristokuvia, vain vahan.


lisaa maisemaa.


ja paasihan sita itsekin osaksi maisemaa.

That's all for today, hope you had fun with all the Finnish, till next time!

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