It's been a while 

I'm sorry for the lack of updates in last few weeks.

A lot keeps happening, but I donpt know what to report here. So I'll tell just some random things.

My family is coming to Japan in August.

The exams are coming.. I have no idea how they'll turn out. Good I hope.

My rice cooker broke... I poured some water on it and it got inside somehow. I hope I can get new one for free or that it just starts working again.

I managed to finish my design&report, although I'm not sure about the quality.

That's all for now, laters!

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Reporting in 

Hello, currently I've got nothing very special for you.. only few pics from nearby mountain and some comments:

Raportoin tallaisesta nakoala vessasta! kopeista ei kylla nae pihalle.

sitten naita vuoristokuvia, vain vahan.


lisaa maisemaa.


ja paasihan sita itsekin osaksi maisemaa.

That's all for today, hope you had fun with all the Finnish, till next time!

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I forgot to tell you 
Take a look at the right side of the page and see the "where have i been" -map. By the way, it's Hokkaido in upper left, it wouldn't fit nicely so it was cut and put there!

see ya!

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It's been a while, sorry 


I'm sorry I haven't updated this blog frequently. I will maybe later make some posts about the time my family spent in Japan. Currently, I'm in Nagano, on ESS summer camp. Todays the second last day. So I thought I'd send some pictures, rather small though... Here goes.

First, some scenery.

Next some random pics..
From campfire

And before morning exercise

That's all for now! Laters!

PS. If you don't see images my bad... I'll fix it later.

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Hello, it's been a long time! 

I haven't written anything in a while, but It's only because I've been lazy in that aspect!

So, I'll up some pics I took yesterday at Kyoto university!

The entrance. The name, it relates, of course to the month it's held, but I got the feeling it had something to do with resembling "October fest"...

Next a weird sight of people in kotatsu on tatami in the middle of yard

Then, some general sights

That's all, see ya!

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