Day 7: part 1, day 3, 4 and 5, towards Hiroshima 
Sorry for the delay! Really tired so no time to write~ but today is updateday!

First, some nice sakura.. On the way to Hiroshima

Then some stories, I guess?
Day 3, after somehow managing to reach Okayama on day 2, I was ready to move on. I thought I would take it easy and go to a place called "michi no eki" which means like "station of the road"There are quite many of them. My friend had told me you coul put up a tent in there(although i guess you can put your tent up anywhere.. Anyways, it was no good, but I found anothe good spot, put up the tent and slept badly because it was quite cold. The next day it was raining. I made a (bad) decision to continue anyways, and I was really wet. I went forward maybe 20 km that day.. The rest of the I was trying to dry myself. At this point I stayed one night in Fukuyama.

Finally, on the 5th day, I was able to reach Hiroshima. On the way I saw many things, like this abandoned hotel

It was like from Fallout(the game).
Then I saw some vending machines selling fresh vegetables and eggs and so on! Hi-tech farmers?

It was really mountainous on the way to Hiroshima.. The good thing about mountains is that after climbimg it, there's leisurous downhill waiting!

Ok, I guess that's all for those days.

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