I visited Japanese television a bit ^^ 

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Visiting 王子公園動物園 (oojikouen zoo) 
Sorry, it's been a while since last proper entry.

So, I offer you some pictures from a zoo I visited last week!

Lately I've been living just normal life, like going to university, studying and having fun with people I've met. Nothing special comes to my mind really, but if you wonder about anything, just ask.

and don't forget to check up the random pics. Eventually I will upgrade the system to allow me to write proper entries by my mobile phone, I hope it makes me write some more too.

So, without furtherado, the pictures:

It's a giant panda! Cool, eh?

Sealions or something.. relaxing, like every animal seemed to do. Must be hot for them.

Polar bear! It's got scary claws.

Lynx (ilves), the cat beast of north.

And some close relative to lynx, bobcat.

Lot of monkeys. They all jumped to the grid when someone came and sprinkled water to the flowers/grass.

Rhino! First time I remember seeing one in real life, it was quite amazing animal.

Emus, or something ostrich looking birds from Australia.

Kangaroos! The one in the middle looks like human.

Giraffe! It was trying to eat some leaves, but couldn't reach.. Although on the other side of the cage there was some leaves easily available. Guess the ones on this side tasted better.

Zebra, and someone reflected on a window looking she's near the Zebra.

Another species of panda! I didn't even know this is a panda too.

Llama. Looks real lazy.

Big turtle. Not giant I think, though.

Peacocks, white and colourful. They wouldn't open their feathers no matter what.

The coloured one bit closer, looking like it's going to open it's feathers, but didn't.

and the white one.

Elephant and it's poo. What else is there to say, I don't know.. Elephants sure are big.

Tiger! Wouldn't turn his face no matter how much people knocked on the window... Or maybe exactly for that reason he didn't turn.

Black panther. Looks cool.

That's all for now. Hope you had fun!

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I got a job 
Yes, I'm going to start teaching Finnish at language school.. They we're desperately needing Finnish teachers apparently!
The pay is quite good, and it doesn't take too much time either. Perfect for a student like me I guess.
Buut, I need to fill one application once more, this time something called "permission to do other things than earlier permitted", so once again some mysterious office awaits to be explored...

On the school field, nothing special so far. As expected, the lessons are quite hard to understand. we will see how I will fare in the few next weeks...

On Sunday, I went to see Himeji Castle, which is UNESCO World Heritage site (Thanks Sakke! (old:(maailmanperintökohde vai mikä se on))). It was really amazing place, I will sent in some pictures as soon as I get them from my friend.

That's all tonight, laters!

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Day after arrival 
After the long flight (about 18 hours if I remember right) I arrived to Japan 1.4.2011 about 8 am. From there I took train to Osaka, where I changed to train to Kobe.

The weather was sunny and the scenery I saw from train was nice. One thing that I found interesting was the small farming fields inbetween the houses and the little tractors used to plow them. That was well before Osaka though.

At the Osaka Station I was little bit lost (the place is a maze) but found my way to the Umeda Station and the part from which Hanshin trains took off.

After I got the dormitory, I had to wait a bit since it was lunch break. Then I had to pay for the rent and got the keys and such and someone to show me the right room. There is 4 rooms, common room with kitchen and bathroom in one unit. Everyone has their own WC though.
My roommates are 4th, 3rd and 1st year students, and they're all real nice people, helping and explaining things, like the trash system, filling in papers and such, to me.

I have to go and formally register to the school as soon as possible. Also I think I will be getting mobile phone and bank account during next week, hopefully.

Meanwhile I've been checking where to go to vote as the election is soon in Finland, and I thought I'd vote this time. I think I can do it somewhere in Osaka.

Today I will probably go shopping some things I need or forgot, like towel, LAN cable and so on.

It will probably take some time until I get some pictures here, sorry for that!

PS. It's surprisingly cold inside, I guess Japanese insulation isn't as good as Finnish ones. There is combined airconditioner/airheatpump at each room and common room though, so it helps.

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