Day 29: Greetings from Takamatsu 
No pictures today... But I marked the cities and the approximate route to the map!

I used different color for different days, but I didn't mark days spent in the same place.

I hope you like it!

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Day 32: My travels are over soon I guess 

I'm now in Tokushima. On day 30 I came down from Takamatsu and stopped in Naruto. On day 31, I went to see the Naruto whirlpools in Naruto strait. First, I went to walkway built under the motorway bridge. Here some pics from there

Then I decided to take a boat ride too although it was bit expensive. Some pictures from the boat

And last, some pictures from day 27 and 28.

First, Kouchi's specialty, some kind of raw fish, "Katsuo no tataki" is the name of the dish. Very delicious.

And then, a canyon in the mountains near city of Miyoshi.

Now I'm waiting for ferry back to Honshuu(the main island) and will rest in Wakayama for a day(because it will probably rain) and tomorrow I'll go to Osaka.

Ok, bye now!

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I'm back in Kobe! 
Sorry for the late update!

I arrived back in Kobe on day 34 and have been here for few days now, taking part in the club activities.

after I stayed in Wakayama, I headed to Osaka and when I was there, I felt I might go all the way to Kobe that night as well. And so I did.

Well, I'm safe and well and all that,

see you again!

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so my exchange year is coming to an end 

Hello everyone.

I have been really busy few last weeks so I haven't written anything much here. Sorry about that!

I have now less than two weeks left here and I got some last minute stuff to do.. Like sending stuff that won't fit in my luggage to Finland and so on.

Next weekend I'm going to a famous amusement park called Fujikyuu, and next weeks every evening is booked with somekind of goodbye party..

So, last weeks gonna be busy week also ^^ But I don't mind. On 29th I will go to Nagoya and on 1st I'll start my long journey back.

See you then, my readers!

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Back in Finland 
So, I'm back in Finland now, safe and sound.

Got loads of things to do here..

so I'll write a longer post later when I can!

see you!

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